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Nurturing the Future with Love and Learning. Discover a Safe and Joyful Haven for Your Child’s Early Years at Minime Kiddy Daycare. Let Every Day be a Journey of Growth and Laughter!

About us

We are here to help parents raise happy and healthy children

At Minime Kiddy Daycare, our dedicated team is here to support you in the incredible journey of parenthood. We understand the profound responsibility of nurturing happy and healthy children. With a commitment to providing a secure and loving environment, we partner with parents to ensure every child in our care flourishes physically, emotionally, and intellectually. Let us be your trusted allies in fostering a bright and joyful future for your little ones.

Where Every Giggle is a Symphony of Happiness, and Every Tiny Step is a Leap Towards a Bright Tomorrow.

Clariona Griffith​


Day care Options

Age-specific support tailored for individuals aged 2.5 to 12 years.


Cradling the tiniest hearts with tender care, our infant program ensures a nurturing haven for their earliest milestones.


For the curious explorers taking their first steps, our toddler program sparks wonder and fuels their adventurous spirits.


In our preschool program, little minds unfold, embracing a world of discovery through play, creativity, and early education.

Day care membership offer

Schedule and tuition


Morning Hours

Join us for the morning session, starting at 7 am, ensuring a bright and educational start to your child's day. Our engaging activities and qualified staff create a stimulating environment. Tuition is competitive, ensuring quality care.


Afternoon Hours

For the afternoon, our program continues until 5 pm, providing a mix of learning and play. Your child will benefit from our certified teachers and enriching activities. Affordable tuition options make quality care accessible.


Evening Hours

Extend your child's day with our evening program until 12 am, offering a secure and caring environment. Our certified team ensures a smooth transition into night time care to accommodate your family's needs.

We agree to extend the hours until 12 AM.
We accept DSS, ACS, 1199, MTA/NYCTA Childcare Fund, and offer affordable payment plan rates.

Why us

The best early learning experience

Embark on the journey of the best early learning experience, where every discovery becomes a stepping stone to a bright and joyful future.


Infusing each day with compassion, we cultivate a culture of empathy.


Sparking imaginative minds, we inspire the joy of self-expression.


Nurturing emotional intelligence, we empower resilient hearts to thrive.


Igniting curiosity, we foster forward-thinking minds for a brighter and innovative future.

Daily activities

Designed to help children realize their potential

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Enrichment Programs

"Tailored to inspire, our enrichment programs offer a dynamic range of activities that nurture creativity, curiosity, and skill development in every child."

Nighttime Care

"Offering a secure haven during evening hours, our nighttime care program extends our commitment to your child's safety and well-being."

After-School Programs

"Tailored for exploration and growth, our after-school programs offer a stimulating environment with activities that complement your child's educational journey."

Tutoring Services

"Providing personalized support, our tutoring services ensure academic growth and confidence, fostering a love for learning in a one-on-one setting."

Spring/Winter Break Programs

"Engaging and exciting, our break programs provide a perfect balance of fun and learning, ensuring a memorable and enriching experience during school breaks."

Summer Camp

"A vibrant and adventurous experience awaits at our summer camp, where children engage in a variety of activities, fostering friendships and creating lasting memories."

Meet the TEAM

Experts in giving your children best start

All of our teachers are trained  in Early Childhood Education and hold one or more certificates in Child Care.

Lorenzo Sistrunk


Clariona Griffith


What parent say
Minime Kiddy Daycare has been a beacon of warmth and learning for my child. The nurturing environment and dedicated staff have not only ensured my child's safety but also sparked an undeniable joy for learning.
Garner Family

More than just a joyful place

Beyond joy, it's a nurturing haven where children blossom into confident learners, embraced by care and enriched experiences.